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What if Company Works on Shabbat?

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Regarding the matter of shares in companies that do business on Shabbat, we do not consider the purchaser of shares to be a purchaser of the business for they have no opinion in the business. And the purchaser does not want to be an owner, and doesn’t want part of the business, but only purchases… More

Shareholder Responsibility Summarized

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The major halakhic authorities have not accepted the “legal-person” view of the corporation and cogently points out that even the secular law does not view the corporation’s legal personality as entirely independent of its owners. We can give examples of this principle: The law views the managers and directors as trustees of the shareholders; they… More

Shareholder Responsibility

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If the shareholders are not the owners – the ones who bear responsibility – then who is? Several answers are given to this question: A few authorities take the secular-law concept of a legal person at face value: the corporation itself is the owner. The halakhic justification for this is sought in legal-person- like entities such… More